There has been a murder at ButlerConf the largest conference of butlers in the world, you are sent in to find out who the murderer is.

This all started because we are both primarily programmers and thought it'd be interesting to try and be the writer of a game not just the programmer, turns out writing is really hard and we are pretty terrible at it. We did learn a new game tool and make a pretty weird game so I guess that is good...

The original idea was like all hackathon ideas far more complex and too complex to ever finish, we designed out eight characters (more like stereotypes, but eh...) and had a large matrix designed out showing how they interacted and depending on which options you picked would change who the killer was and who saw what. This fell apart as we discovered we are not the fastest at writers and had to jettison six of the characters to finish two of them.

Now the part where I try to crudely justify why it matches the theme: The theme for the jam was Voices and the keyword Access, and we thought what better way to explore what voice and access truly mean than in a murder-mystery where you play as the investigator and the murder suspects? You are given insight into the weird minds of the suspects as they try to convince the detective they are innocent. A voice is powerful yet it doesn't give you everything, you will know when as a suspect you are lying but will that help you solve the murder later as the detective?

Can you determine the murder? Did we even have time to write an ending?

Instructions are pretty simple, read the text, each different character has their own colour, press the choice that reflects how you think the story should progress.

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